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The Carmel Del Mar PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a parent-funded and all volunteer based organization whose mission is to positively impact, support, and enhance the overall learning environment at CDM for all students.

We organize community-building events, sponsor educational programs and assemblies for students, support teachers and fund school site needs.


GUARANTEE THIS YEAR’S PROGRAMS AT CDM: No doubt about it, this year is going to look different and CDM’s PTA includes all of our In-person and Launch families. But, a successful campaign means that we can continue to fund our yearly programs and support teachers and staff with instructional and school site needs.  A rough calculation notes that we will likely spend above $15K worth of mini-grants, staff appreciation, welcome back, graduation, magazine costs, etc. This doesn’t even include site needs.  Go check out some of what we do on a normal year here.

PART OF A LARGE CHILD ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION: Members of Carmel Del Mar PTA are default members of the California PTA and National PTA. Your annual membership allows us to run our local organization.

ENJOY THE BENEFITS: PTA membership comes with many benefits including discounts to local attractions such as Legoland, as well as the pride of knowing that you are supporting our children, teachers and school community. Take a look at the perks.

Here is the joint statement of all DMUSD PTA presidents reaffirming their commitments to all school families.


Please enter all parent and student/teacher information in the spaces provided so that we may ensure items are properly delivered to each student.

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PTA Membership 2020-2021


We welcome any and all donations! Every dollar counts! All donations are tax-deductible.


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Welcome to Carmel Del Mar, the school with a heart! We are glad you are here!

The Carmel Del Mar PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a volunteer-based, parent-funded organization whose mission is to positively impact, support, and enhance the overall learning environment at Carmel Del Mar.

We organize events and programs that support the school community, and provide all children with opportunities to connect and learn. We also fund school-site needs and offer mini-grants to all teachers.

If you would like to support us, you can do so by becoming a member, volunteering and attending our events and fundraisers!

To keep track of what is happening at the school, signup for our newsletter or use the PTA Family Calendar.

Questions? Contact us at

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