PTA sponsored parent presentation: Frenemies

Tuesday, December 5th from 6:15-7:45 pm in the MUR

Back by popular demand, Dr. Adria O’Donnell will offer advice on how to handle the parenting aspect of your child’s friendship “issues”.  Don’t have childcare? We’ve got you covered! The PTA will provide childcare at the on site childcare center, including a pizza dinner, for the first 29 students signed up.

Frenemies: Helping Your Child Navigate Their Social World”: Do your kids’ “good” friends sometimes treat them badly? Do they get into “weird friend fights” for confusing reasons? Does your son or daughter stress about standing up for themselves? This interactive workshop will help you understand some of the subtle forms of aggression that cause children (and us) social stress and confusion. Participants will learn about relational aggression, age appropriate and healthy conflict, and visual concepts such as the “Worry Bully” that can be used to teach kids about stress. Dr. Adria will introduce parenting tips and guidelines for how and when parents should intervene as well as demonstrate some effective conflict resolution skills she calls “BRAVE Talk” and “Truth Island” and much more.

Dr. O’Donnell is a licensed clinical psychologist and for the past 17 years she has specialized in working predominantly with children and adolescents as well as their parents. She focuses on social skills training for adolescents, learning disabilities, tech-aggression and relational aggression, a more covert form of bullying often used by girls, anxiety & stress management coaching. She is the mother of 2 girls, and directs Outpost Summer Camps here in San Diego during the summer

Sign up here for childcare and join us for this important presentation.

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Final Call List

Cast List Disney’s Peter Pan Jr.

  • Peter Pan:
    • Erika Vargas
  • Tinker Bell:
    • Annabelle Lewis
  • Wendy :
    • Amanda Schlesener
  • John :
    • Jack Gorton
  • Michael :
    • Darko Dresevic
  • Mr.Darling/Captain Hook :
    • Bennett Halle
  • Mrs. Darling :
    • Lucie Babcock
  • Smee :
    • Jakob Tu
  • Chief Bamboo :
    • TBD
  • Tiger Lily :
    • Chloe Kim
  • Lost Boys :
    • Amanda Jacobson
    • Taylor Rohrbach
    • Reese Rohrback
    • Addison Higgins
    • Leila Weick
    • Analiah Delgado
  • Fairies/Mermaids :
    • Madison Fuller
    • Aria Khaitan
    • Emma Wojtkowski
    • Josephine DeLeon
  • Murphy :
    • Kaila Coordt
  • Flint :
    • Maja Holt
  • Noodler :
    • August Whitley
  • Skylights :
    • Samaya Varghese
  • Cookson :
    • Isabel Tam Rodriguez
  • Jukes :
    • Morgan Smith
  • Brave Pine :
    • Romina Padilla
  • Brave Oak :
    • Cindy Xu
  • Brave Shrub :
    • TBD

Callback List

Thank you to all those who came out to audition for Disney’s Peter Pan Jr.!

We still need MORE cast members! If you did not audition or you know of someone who missed the auditions, please tell them to come tomorrow, Wednesday, November 8, right after school at 12:30.

We need to see these people tomorrow, Wednesday, November 8th, from 12:30-3:30 to read, sing, and/or dance.

Lucie Babcock

Kaila Coordt

Josephine DeLeon

Analiah Delgado

Darko Dresevic

Jack Gorton

Bennette Halle

Addison Higgins

Maja Holt

Amanda Jacobson

Aria Khaitan

Chloe Kim

Annabelle Lewis

Romina Padilla

Reese Rohrback

Taylor Rohrback

Amanda Schlesener

Morgan Smith

Isabela Tam Rodriguez

Jakob Tu

Erika Vargas

Samaya Varghese

Leila Weick

Emma Wojtkowski

Cindy Xu