Programs funded or supported by Carmel Del Mar PTA

Community Events at Carmel Del Mar School

  • Back to School Coffee (August)
  • Ice Cream Social (September)
  • Red Ribbon Day (October)
  • Art Night (February)
  • Chili Game Night (April)
  • International Night (May)
  • New and Used Book Fairs (November/March)
  • Dad’s Club Events
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Student Events and Programs at Carmel Del Mar

  • Imagination Machine Assembly
  • Field Day
  • 6th grade Promotion
  • Drama Club
  • Extra Field Trip grants as needed
  • Yearbook Club Funding and Sales
  • EPI school supplies program

Educational Grants and Teacher support

  • Teacher mini-grants ($200-$400) for all staff at the school
  • Teacher Appreciation lunches and events
  • Water for the Teacher’s lounge
  • Special requests funded as needs arise (e.g. microphone, extra supplies, grants)

Every year the PTA gives $ 10,000 or more to help enhance the physical learning environment for all students. School site needs we have funded in the past 3 years include:

    • Updated furniture grades 2-5
    • Bike rack at the back gate
    • New Library Books
    • Magazine subscriptions for all grades every year
    • P.E. Stridetrack system
    • Large Screen TV and Apple TV packages for Art Room, Science lab, etc.
    • Set of 10 Ipads for STEAM+ use
    • Robotics Kits
    • Maker Space Setup and Supplies
    • So much more!