Here’s an easy way to support DMSEF and our ESC programs! has an affiliate program with DMSEF. This means that when you shop on Amazon, a percentage of your sales will be donated to DMSEF simply by accessing the Amazon website via this link.

Any Questions?

Q That link looks like a regular Amazon page. How can I tell if it worked?

A You can check by simply looking at the address bar. After you’ll see this: ?&tag=delmarschoedu

That means a percentage of your sales with be donated to DMSEF. Try it for yourself here.

Q I remembered the Amazon DMSEF program when I was done shopping and about to pay. What do I do?

A Simply hit that link above and your cart will be unchanged. You may access this link anytime during your shopping and DMSEF will get credit.

Q Great! But how will I remember?

A We will include the Amazon link in each weekly newsletter. Or, simply bookmark the link for easy access. Happy shopping