Fiesta Night 101

31 days – Countdown – FIESTA NIGHT!

But before we begin to talk about Fiesta Night, let’s back up and REALLY explain what Fiesta Night is.
It’s time for some Q & A!

Q: I know Fiesta Night is a fundraiser, but what exactly will take place?
A: Soon tickets will be sold ($40 each or $75/couple). These tickets gain you entry to our special room at Chevy’s (a Mexican restaurant in Del Mar) where you can dine on Mexican food, mingle with other CDM parents, and look at prizes that you can bid on.

Q: So kids don’t participate?
A: No, it is (finally!) an adult event. But it’s all about them!

Q: Is there childcare available?
A: Yes! There will be two options: Pacific Athletic Club will have an option, plus there will be childcare at CDM for a reasonable fee.

Q: When is it?
A: It is Thursday, March 1, 6-9pm.

Q: Okay, so it’s basically dinner, socializing, and an auction. What kind of prizes are available, and how did the PTA acquire them?
A: Our Fiesta Night chairs have asked the community for donations, and the community (including CDM parents) has come through with great generosity. The prizes are great and include: spa services, toys at Geppetto’s, restaurant certificates, vacation home rental in Big Bear, fun summer camps, etc.

Q:What is the PTA going to do with the proceeds?

A:The PTA will fund its usual expenses (mini-grants, assemblies, events like Ice Cream Social, etc.), plus we hope to help our school with some expensive upgrades that are quickly becoming necessary, such as outfitting each classroom with a new projector system.

Q:The PTA pays for stuff like that?
A:If our school needs things that the State cannot (fully) fund, the PTA tries to help as much as possible. “SIP” funds usually pay for things like that, but these funds have been decreasing steadily, just like State funding in general.

Q:Why are you having this big PTA fundraiser this year?
A:We haven’t done one in 5+ years. It’s true that we don’t do huge fundraisers for PTA each year. It is our hope that this simpler approach – one large fundraiser without a lot of small ones like wrapping paper and cookie dough sales – will appeal to busy parents.

Q:It sounds fun.

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